Today’s Good Deed; Let’s kill off “Fine Art Photography”

Do some good every day. That’s my motto. For today at least. And for today’s good deed, let’s  kill off the phrase “Fine Art Photography”.

Ever hear of Fine Art Painting? Fine Art Sculpture? Fine Art, Art? Or while we’re at it “Fine Art Decoupage”. And if you did, would that change anything? Would calling scrapbooking  “Fine Art Scrapbooking” elevate scrapbooking above the slime mold category of creativity? Or calling The DaVinci Code “literature” make it good writing, or even readable?  

“Fine Art” anything is an anodyne. An analgesic for an inferiority complex. Usually well earned.

 Get over it. Have some pride. Don’t pick your nose in public. Wear clean underwear (you might get lucky). Lose the adjectives. Just do better work.

If it weren’t a question, we wouldn’t need to beg it.


About rjsteinberg

From 4' x 5' albumen prints on cloth to The Palladio Company, to large format digital work in color. A long strange trip. Sidestep to NAPC, Inc. Bettern being bored.
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