Building a Weather Hog

I just bought a few Popular Mechanics magazines from 1934.  In the September issue, brim full of essential practical tips on how to do for yourself, there is a brief article, here presented in its entirety, which will inform and delight.

“Fat rendered from a groundhog and sealed in a small bottle will serve as a barometer for forecasting the weather 12 hours in advance. The fat will get cloudy before a storm and remain clear if the weather is to be fair.” 

I’m gonna run out now, get a firearms license, hunting license, rifle, ammo, an orange hat, and head for the woods, find me a rodent, shoot, skin, and render. Oh, and find a jar. I’ll report back.

In the meantime, those curious and impatient can go to the ever useful 


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From 4' x 5' albumen prints on cloth to The Palladio Company, to large format digital work in color. A long strange trip. Sidestep to NAPC, Inc. Bettern being bored.
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