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From 4' x 5' albumen prints on cloth to The Palladio Company, to large format digital work in color. A long strange trip. Sidestep to NAPC, Inc. Bettern being bored.

I don’t have OCD. Really

“I’m not in the least obsessive, it just has to be right”.   Sura I was watching the film “Panic” and the young woman has the middle aged man she met in the shrink’s waiting room stalking her. They’re in … Continue reading

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Quality vs. Quantity: Time to Cull the Herd

From the print comes screaming. Rip. Rip again. Once more, a ripping. Eugenics in art. All those works in progress, good ideas poorly executed, trite ideas beautifully made. Someone else did it better. I’ve done it better. Intriguing failures, halfway … Continue reading

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Building a Weather Hog

I just bought a few Popular Mechanics magazines from 1934.  In the September issue, brim full of essential practical tips on how to do for yourself, there is a brief article, here presented in its entirety, which will inform and … Continue reading

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What happens when you’re done?

 There are severals levels to “being done”. There’s done as in “tired” as in “I can’t stand up, It’s nappy time” done. There’s “out of ideas” done, as in I haven’t anything to offer up. I’ll put it away until … Continue reading

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Today’s Good Deed; Let’s kill off “Fine Art Photography”

Do some good every day. That’s my motto. For today at least. And for today’s good deed, let’s  kill off the phrase “Fine Art Photography”. Ever hear of Fine Art Painting? Fine Art Sculpture? Fine Art, Art? Or while we’re … Continue reading

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Requiem in Pace, Kodak

A case study in how to kill a great company It took a long time to completely bugger the company, but 2o years ago, a lot of us knew what was in store. If not for Kodak, I wouldn’t be … Continue reading

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Sometimes the Magic Works, and Sometimes it Doesn’t

December 1-12, 2011 London, Brussels, Charleroi, Mons, Amsterdam, Brussels, Charleroi, Mons, Brussels, London Aboard the Eurostar to London And so we bid a fond adieu and afscheid to Belgium. It’s a grey country; not just the grey of December, but a special … Continue reading

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