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I don’t have OCD. Really

“I’m not in the least obsessive, it just has to be right”.   Sura I was watching the film “Panic” and the young woman has the middle aged man she met in the shrink’s waiting room stalking her. They’re in … Continue reading

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What happens when you’re done?

 There are severals levels to “being done”. There’s done as in “tired” as in “I can’t stand up, It’s nappy time” done. There’s “out of ideas” done, as in I haven’t anything to offer up. I’ll put it away until … Continue reading

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Where I went wrong, at an early age

Death is the Mother of Beauty: Wallace Stevens When I was 8, or so, on the walk home from school, I found a flattened chipmunk corpse by the side of the road. I brought the tail home to Mother. Proudly, … Continue reading

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